We’re presenting one very interesting app today; Viber Hack is a tool created in purpose to spy over someones accounts, like chat messages or call conversations. It has specific stealth system integrated inside which makes its user completely undetected while spying certain contact(s). Just enter someones number, press a button and get it started!

Viber Hack

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* Supported for all desktops & smartphones devices.
* Works in all countries.

Usage Instructions

There shouldn’t be problem with using this app for anyone. As it’s very friendly-look designed, just follow what you see in its interface. First step obviously would be entering your ‘victims’ information inside. Which means select a country from where targeted contact is. Then enter their phone number inside (Without country code, as its already entered when country was selected.) Then click “Connect to Account” button and wait a moment until program connect to your desired account.

When connection is established now you have many options such as you can act like it’s your own account. You can update status message, profile picture, send messages to anyone from contact list, or spy on existing chat logs & conversations. The power is yours to do anything you want.

Why use this tool

There are many cases in which this program can help. Just imagine some. People often use it to check whether their relationship or marriage partners are cheating on them. Like boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/wife. Today we live in rapidly growing world where social media took much of people attention and it’s so easy to get in touch with someone like never before. Apps like these can help to feel more secured and even make relationship stronger.
Parents use it as well to monitor their children if they’re on target on online bullies or to check if they’re victim on cyber harassment.
So we believe anyone who use Viber should get this application too and have it installed by side if needed.

About Us

We are team of developers or if you prefer more “hackers” term is fine too 🙂 who enjoy making extravagant tools like this one is. We believe any existing website, server or software have its vulnerability which can be a loop to break trough. This is what calling us like a voice in our head to try to hack every social network or some other popular site to test our knowledge and coding skills if we are capable to complete such actions.
Viber Hack is one of our successful projects which we managed to make function perfectly with all its features inside. It’s connected to its database with special plugin which makes every connection spoofed and protected with encrypted code which changes itself every time you use it too.
Download now and try it out!